Lazy poster

Sorry guys I’ve been really lazy about posting it’s been like 3 years!! how are you all doing?<3 #love yall

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november 21

im leaving for texas now so if i dont see you, have a yummy turkey day :)

gobble gobble!!!!

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random question…

if you eat poop, do you poop poop? and if you eat poop poop do you poop poop poop? just something to consider…

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my fishies name is waldo cuz he likes to go hide in the corner and then i go “wheres waldo?” GET IT!!!!!!!

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November 16

hey y’all! how ya doing today? i stayed home sick today :( plus side- i have to eat ice cream its the doctors orders :) i was also eating ramen and toast ALL DAY LONG well maybe not ALL DAY but most of the day. other than that i stayed in bed and read some books and did a teeny bit of my homework and went to the doctors. not very interesting. im gonna miss y’all next week! im headed to texas. YEE HAW!

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i love this song! we were talking about the meaning in english today so i felt i had to share this with people.

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November 2

this is the best movie EVER!!!!! lets split up!…………OK! i love lee carter!!! im sorry veronika, but he’s cheating on you with meeeeee! hehe!

its sooo funny :) but its also really sad :( its about two boys who are completely different; ones amish and the other is a naughty boy who can do what ever he wants. its an amazing movie!!!!! i love you hallie! you are my biggest fan! you are awesome for showing me this!!!!!  ughhhhh i ate too much for dinner. now i dont feel well…

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